General Conditions

  1. 1. Clinishop is an independent service provider under Belgian law acting as intermediary between the party requesting care and the party providing care.

  2. 2. The medical responsibility shall always be borne personally by the physician and/or the research centre.

  3. 3. The party requesting care acknowledges to have been adequately informed about the services and general provisions of Clinishop, which it accepts.

  4. 4. The party requesting care entitles Clinishop to process personal details, medical information and other data necessary for its activities.

  5. 5. Clinishop enters into an obligation to perform to the best of its ability with the party requesting care, which is by no means an obligation to achieve a given result.

  6. 6. The price and payment conditions are stipulated in the offer and/or invoice.

  7. 7. The agreement between Clinishop and the party requesting care shall end at the moment when the informed consent is signed.

  8. 8. Disputes shall be resolved before the courts of the district of Tongeren (Belgium).